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Here, we have assembled the very best content available at Hokkaido University’s OCW, judged in accordance with our three main themes. These playlists show Hokkaido University’s current projects and their unique appeal.

Our three themes are “Oneself,” “Community,” and “World.”

The various research projects undertaken at Hokkaido University range from the micro level all the way to the macro level. In other words, this research can bring one from their immediate surroundings (=Oneself), to the level of their local society (=Community), and then all the way up to the grandest scale (=World). All of these research projects can help us understand the real world as seen from various perspectives. We are always working to pick-up more lectures that can help us make new discoveries about this world we live in.

While we still do not have a large number of playlists available at the moment, we are always making new updates, so be on the lookout for new updates that can help you study!

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